Saints Row 2 ‘ULTOR’ trailer

So I heard there was this videogame called Grand Theft Auto IV that everyone was playing. THQ has probably heard of it as well, and would like to remind you that Saints Row 2 has the unenviable task of following it. This is the latest trailer for the GTA clone’s sequel, Saints Row 2.

The first Saints Row was doubtlessly successful in part due to the lack of any current-gen GTA at the time, so this game is going to have to pull out all the stops, as well as carve its own niche, if it wants to stand out. It seems to be doing so; while GTA upped the realism and storytelling of its last game, Saints Row appears to be going in a more cartoon-like direction, with over-the-top weaponry like chainsaws and shockpads and a more obvious comedy route, at least in this trailer.

I hope Saints Row 2 continues to pursue that direction. The first game followed in GTA‘s footsteps a bit too much, especially in terms of its humor and story, which came off as desperate and reaching. If Saints Row 2 gets a character all of its own, rather than trying to ape the style of the game it copied, I think it’ll be great.

We’ll see, though. After the last game’s utterly childish pimp missions and “drugs are clever” mentality that GTA grew out of, I wonder if the writers have what it takes to look like anything but a GTA wannabe. I really hope they do, though.

Jim Sterling