Sacred 2 PC receives new patch, prep for expansion

Ascaron slammed an armored foot on a few more Sacred 2: Fallen Angel bugs. The studio behind the infested action RPG released another patch — 2.43 — for the PC version of the game yesterday afternoon. In addition to squashing and tweaking annoying stuff, the patch includes an “undocumented change” that allows save files to be transferred over to the upcoming PC expansion pack, “Ice & Blood.”

An Ascaron representative released the patch notes on the game’s official message board and linked several download mirrors for the patch. After downloading, you’ll be shocked to see your blowpipe making contact with mounted creatures and perhaps doubly shocked in multiplayer when you notice a lack of jibba-jabber from fellow adventurers. Color us thrilled about the latter.

To see all the changes and moan about the ones you want to be made, head over to the Sacred 2 message board.

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