Sacred 2 developer not doing so hot, goes bankrupt

Unfortunately, the promise of good console sales weren’t enough to keep Ascaron Entertainment’s financial head above water. The studio responsible for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Sacred 2 has entered administration in Germany.

It sounds bad — bankruptcy always does — but it’s not all black roses and tombstones. In a statement released to GameSpot, Ascaron said “several well-known interested parties” are discussing a “positive takeover” of the studio.

Ascaron mentioned that their console titles (hitting this May) would not be affected by their financial woes. They also mentioned that a PC expansion for Sacred 2 is well under way, as well as Sacred 3. Someone — I’m looking at you Capcom, for no particular reason — needs to scoop these guys up. Something tells me that Sacred 3 could be off the chain awesome.

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