Sacred 2 contest winners announced!

You guys took me seriously when I said show me that nothing is sacred — from Diablo 3 in pastels to Santa crapping on Jesus, you guys brought the sauce. That being said, we had to pick some winners, and no matter how hard it was, we finally narrowed it down (between fits of laughter.)

The winner of the grand prize that you see above is is Only Pony for his Chupa Chups pic, followed by Unstoppable Juggernaut for Oldboy Remake (DO NOT WANT!) and Justice for his Sonic Comic. Nice job, guys! As a reminder, the runners-up will win a copy of the Collector’s Edition of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, a t-shirt and a lanyard.Free sh*t is awesome!

Thanks to everyone for participating and keeping us laughing around here. Look out for a sick Mirror’s Edge contest coming very soon!

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