S.A.P.S: Sony foretold the coming of Jack Thompson

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I showed this fantastic commercial for the original Sony PlayStation to the rest of the Destructoid crew and sadly, being a European-only advertisment, none of my American colleagues were at all familiar with the satirical-ahead-of-its-time brilliance that was S.A.P.S – The Society Against PlayStation. This was the commercial that heralded the coming of Sony’s premier and iconic gaming console to Europe and it’s a reminder nowadays of just how fantastic Sony can be at marketing when the boys are on top form.

The reactionary leader of S.A.P.S would warn us of the coming of PlayStation, a “menace threatening humanity” that causes users to “lose all sense of reality and enter another world.” Sound familiar? That’s right, it seems that Sony, tapping into the powers of the late Nostrodamus, actually predicted Jack Thompson before Thompson had even heard of Rockstar Games. This wonderful slice of nostalgia somehow seems more relevant today than it was when it first aired in the nineties. It’s still pretty damn funny too, and makes me want a PlayStation all over again. You know why the PS3 isn’t doing so well? Not enough S.A.P.S my friends.
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