Rumortoid: Xbox 360 to have its own Miis

The above picture says it all. Not content to (allegedly) copy the Wii’s motion controls, Microsoft is now possibly introducing its own take on Nintendo’s Mii characters with these customizable avatars.

This is once again pure rumor, but comes from the same leak that brought us Marvel Zombies and Forza 3, so it looks pretty likely. Nintendo has Miis, Sony has Home (one day) and now Microsoft is set to have avatars.

All I’ll say is, the Xbox 360 can copy the motion controls, it can copy the Miis, but unfortunately for Microsoft, it will never copy the profits. The 360 should focus on what it does well, and not try to create a less popular alternative to an established product that has cornered its market. Some people can’t see the wood for the Wiis, though.

James Stephanie Sterling