Rumortoid: Xbox 360 pro being phased out?

At the time of writing, the Xbox 360 has three SKUs officially on the market — the HDD-less Arcade, the 60GB Pro and the 120GB Elite. If fresh intel is reliable, however, it seems that Microsoft will be literally cutting out the middle man, removing the Xbox 360 pro from its lineup.

Kotaku was handed a photo of some new Xbox 360 packaging that contains no details on the 360 Pro. Previous packaging listed the various SKU options, telling customers what they can get out of the Arcade, Pro or Elite. The new packaging on the right only contains details of the Arcade and Elite. Comparing that to the older packaging on the left, and you can see the difference.

On its own, this may not be that big of a deal, but there has been gossip about the termination of the 360 Pro for a while now, and this is pretty much sealing the deal. It surprised me at first, but I suppose it makes sense. If you want storage, you want as much storage as you can get, and the Pro was pretty much rendered obsolete by the 120GB Elite.

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