Rumortoid: Tomb Raider reboot info and screens

So we all kind-of-sort-of knew that Tomb Raider was going to get yet another reboot after the underrated Tomb Raider: Underworld didn’t sell as well as Eidos had thought it would. However, if these leaked screens and descriptions are true it’s a much bigger reboot then any of us expected. Reportedly from a mole inside Eidos, the screens show a much younger, harder and less sexified Lara doing battle on horseback and fighting off some very nasty looking creatures.

It’s all concept art of course, but the details below the images describe the game as open world with a survival horror flare, which is a massive departure from what Tomb Raider games are right now. That may make a little sense since the description also says that the game will be a total reboot of the character, taking her back to square one much like the trend in Hollywood these days. Lara, young and inexperienced, will be stranded on an island where things with claws are going to attack her. The descriptions in the image seem to make the game sound far less puzzle adventure and far more action adventure.

As a fan of the recent Tomb Raiders and also a fan of the series’ focus on puzzle solving gameplay, this is all very disturbing news for me. Not only is Tomb Raider in the middle of a story arc right now, they just rebooted her origin story and the games have been getting solid reviews, despite Conrad’s not so decent take on the last one. Are others concerned about this or does everyone else think that Lara needs an overhall of epic proportions? 

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