Rumortoid: Squeenix charging for FF XIII demo?

There is a fresh rumor circulating the Internet suggesting that Square Enix may have the front to actually sell a demo for the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII. The ninety minute demonstration is looking to be packaged with the Advent Children Blu-ray release next March, but a standalone copy could be obtained at a price, if rumors are to be believed.

Game designer Tetsuya Nomura sparked the gossip by hinting in an interview that Square Enix may release the demo after Advent Children‘s re-release and charge for it. Square Enix itself is currently refusing to comment on the speculation that Nomura’s comment has kickstarted. 

At ninety minutes, Square Enix is certainly releasing a lot of gameplay, but a demo is a demo — a playable advertisment, essentially — and I can’t see myself shelling out hard cash for the privilege of being marketed to. The idea sounds silly indeed, but maybe Final Fantasy fanatics lacking a Blu-ray player (if any exist) will fall for it.

James Stephanie Sterling