Rumortoid: Most likely fake PS3 slim video surfaces

Well, the likelihood of this being real is slim. Slim… get it? Because I’m talking about the PS3 slim, which has been heavily rumored for a while now, and the chances of the video below being real are slim… it’s the same word. Come on people, I’m working with comic gold here. Fine, don’t fall on the floor with laughter, but you wait until the internet picks up on this joke. Then you’ll all pretend like you laughed at it when you first heard it.

Anyway, the video is purportedly a “stolen” PS3 slim that was on sale at a street market in the Philippines — because evidently that’s where high profile stolen gaming systems go when they’re stolen. It’s not that remarkable a video, but it does have the new rounded PS3 logo so that gives it some credence, right? Probably not, as it’s most likely a bit of viral video to get some traffic to the site that is plastered at the bottom of the vid. The sad thing is if it isn’t a viral video and it turns out to be a useless piece of plastic then it isn’t even big enough to make a George Foreman Grill out of. 

[Thanks, Joel] 

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