Rumortoid: Max Payne 3 being developed by Rockstar

Electronic Gaming Monthly’s rumormonger Quartermann has caught wind that Remedy Entertainment may not be the guys developing the next Max Payne. He seems to think that Remedy may have their hands too full of Alan Wake and have given the title to the same internal Rockstar team that handled the development for The Warriors.

I was under the impression that Alan Wake had gone the way of Duke Nukem Forever, which means that instead of developing the title, Remedy is sitting around talking about donuts and tossing around ideas for Max Payne theme parks. At least Remedy doesn’t post a job ad with a ridiculously small picture once every three months to remind their fans that the game is still sitting in a corner somewhere. Instead, they casually remind us that work on the title hasn’t went particularly smooth.

Aside from Alan Wake, it’s refreshing to hear that Max Payne could possibly be developed elsewhere. I enjoyed Max Payne 2, but it could have been much more. I need more drugs, chicks, noir, scrunched face, and gritty narrative in my shooter than what I received last time around.

Brad BradNicholson