Rumortoid: Marvel Vs Capcom 2 on 360/PS3 by July?

Sexy Adam Dork just dropped a minor, but exciting matlock-style tip in our sweet, Mr. Destructoid shaped tips box. Apparently, a product called the “Marvel vs Capcom Tournament Edition Arcade Stick” is to be made available for purchase to British people starting on July 10, 2009, for both the PS3 and the 360.

The bad news is, this isn’t a Marvel Vs Cacpom 3 stick. The good news is that Marvel Vs Capcom 2 must be making it’s long rumored return to home consoles sometime before the stick’s release date. I know, I know, it’s not called the “Marvel vs Capcom 2 Tournament Edition Arcade Stick,” but the thing’s description says it’s going to be covered with Marvel Vs Capcom 2 artwork. So I’m choosing to believe this means, if anything, we’ll be getting MvC2 and not MvC1.

Am I jumping to conclusions here? Do you think this new stick is named after Marvel Vs Capcom just for fun, and is actually meant to be used with Street Fighter 4 and the other previously released six button fighters on the 360/PS3? 

More importantly, can some one tell me just what the f*ck Amingo is supposed to be?

[Update: I mixed up the month and the day of the stick’s release date. God damn you Europeans and you backwards-date trickery! So that means the game may be out in July instead of October. Thanks for the heads up, Power-Glove!]

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