Rumortoid: Killzone 2 DLC prepping for launch

Killzone 2 might not be released to the general public yet, but we’ve talked about it so much that it may as well be. It should really come as no surprise then, that downloadable content is already spinning around the rumor mill, ready to be processed into delicious fact bread. Or something.

Chief among the gossip is that Killzone 2 will have its own in-game store, very much like LittleBigPlanet or Rock Band, where new clothing and upgrades can be bought for your character. More traditionally, map packs are also being discussed, including a retro map set that brings in the multiplayer stages of the original Killzone

An eerily mysterious anonymous source is claiming that both paid and free DLC are being considered, along with brand new original maps and modes. From the sounds of things, Guerrilla is looking to squeeze blood from Killzone until only dust resides in its veins. 

This really is no surprise. Killzone 2 is the PS3’s marquis title. You can bet that Sony especially will want to reap the rewards of DLC and make as much money as possible out of the closest thing it has to a “killer app.” DLC is coming, no doubt about that.

Jim Sterling