Rumortoid: Home out by next Wednesday?

It’s been on the cards for years, but one day, Sony is going to have to force itself to release Home. According to rumor mongers, that day is drawing near, as reports claim the quasi-social-kind-of-network-stuff could be out by next Wednesday.

British paper The Times claimed yesterday that Sony’s thing was “slated for release in the next ten days.” Sony did what Sony does, and has offered only a “no comment” in rebuttal. Hey, that’s not a denial!

The PS3 platform holder has remained adamant that Home will release before the end of 2008, but with only a few weeks to go before 2009 rolls in, the clock is ticking. PlayStation Home has been delayed so often and for so long that it’s become a running joke, especially since nobody really seems all that excited for it in the first place.

Although this rumor seems a little dodgy, if Sony is still intending to keep its promise on a release date, the next ten days is about as likely as anything.

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