Rumortoid: Dead Rising sequel to be ‘episodic’

Fact: putting on a horse mask and smashing a plant over a zombie’s head is great, wholesome fun.

Fail: E3 has come and gone (although our coverage continues!), and the words “dead” and “rising” weren’t uttered from Capcom’s figurative lips. Instead, a Wii port of the original Dead Rising was introduced in Japan, and Capcom US ran like we were the undead when we mentioned the game.

But what of a bona fide sequel? Rumors have persisted for awhile now that a follow-up is in the works, with the development duties being handled by Western developer Blue Castle Games (The Bigs). Now Game Informer is reporting in the “Loose Talk” rumors section of their latest issue that “one of the words being used to describe [the sequel] is ‘episodic.'”

We’re unsure whether that means the game will be available in smaller chunks via downloadable content, or if the title will feature an “episodic” structure like Atari’s ill-fated Alone in the Dark. Whatever the case, we’ll take it — whether it’s delivered in bloody chunks or not, our zombie slaughtering itch will not be scratched until the game is officially announced.

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