Rumortoid: Could Sony’s MAG be pay-to-play?

Sony’s MMO shooter, Massive Action Game, is certainly a title with high aspirations and fairly lofty goals. At face value, it seems like it could be an awesome experience, as players will vie for multiplayer supremacy across sprawling maps with the possibility of supporting up to 256 players simultaneously. But according to BitBag and their supposed snatched survey from PlayStation Underground, it appears as though players may have to pay for the experience.

The survey in question doesn’t particularly point out MAG, but the whole “Earn the ability to command one or multiple squads” kind of gives it away. Interestingly, the source for this rumor neglected to take screenshots of the survey itself, but contends that “the survey asked at least 15 questions related to payment plans for the game.” A commenter on the blog posted two different screens to help illuminate this conspiracy.

Will Sony be charging for MAG? As in the case of most surveys, the questions don’t necessitate truth. As with most rumors, take this for what little it is worth. We’ve contacted Sony and some Olympic gods for comment on this story. Poseidon told us that he doesn’t have the time to be concerned with PSN as he is still lamenting that whole Achilles thing and Sony apparently isn’t ready to talk about MAG.

[via Gamespot]

Brad BradNicholson