Rumortoid: Chrono Trigger’s new dungeon, possible game sequel

We already know that the upcoming DS version of Chrono Trigger is getting a new dungeon or two, but we didn’t put some of the pieces together as fast as Siliconera did.

We’ve known about the lost level, Singing Mountain, for some time now. It was a outdoor waterfall dungeon from the 65,000,000 B.C. which was cut before the game’s release. The name “Singing Mountian” may look familiar to game music nerds, as the geekiest of them will know it as one of composer Yasunori Mitsuda’s “lost tracks” for the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. Who knows? Maybe both the dungeon and this song will make it into the DS re-release.

There’s less weight to this next rumor, but it’s worth mentioning:

You may remember a that Square Enix trademarked the name Echoes of Time. Some thought that this name may refer to the Chono Trigger DS remake, but now that we’ve seen the boxart, that’s not the case. Siliconera points to the possibility of another Chrono series game. That would be nice, but I think it’s wishful thinking more than anything else. Honestly, I’d rather see a Chrono Cross re-release for my PSP.

Hey, Square Enix:  I’d rather see a Chrono Cross re-release for my PSP.

Dale North