Rumortoid: Chrono Trigger DS to have monster battling online mode

I’d bet that most of you that are looking forward to the DS version of Chrono Trigger are probably long time fans of the game, and you’re just wanting to immerse yourself in the amazing story and game play once more. The promise of some new areas and an “online mode” sound interesting, but a lack of details has done little to entice fans so far.

Now we hear rumors that the promised “online mode” may be a sort of a monster battling mode. According to a supposed leak by Japanese games retailer Game Star, this battle mode takes place in an online arena where you can train and battle with monsters. Siliconera says that the monsters even change appearance as they grow from training. Players will be awarded with rare items when they win arena battles.

On top of this, the retailer also mentions two new dungeons called Dragon’s Sanctuary and Dimensional Distortion.

So, monster battles? Like digital monsters (Digimon) or pocket monsters (Pokemon)? Chronomon?

Dale North