Rumortoid: Bungie had an awesome trailer for E3

The big questions after Microsoft’s press conference at E3 this year were, “Why do we need Avatars, and where did Halo go?” Even though Bungie can’t directly address Avatars, they did address their notably absent announcement of a new Halo game, which was rumored to be a tactical shooter. Today, GameRush got hold of some new details on what was actually to be shown at E3 before the publisher yanked the game at the last second. Apparently, the guys at Bungie had a 60-second “knock’em down” trailer planned for the audience.

Jacob Metcalf, the guy who broke the Bungie and Microsoft split before it was announced to the media, had this to say about the trailer to GameRush:

Bungie had a sixty second knock’em down teaser trailer made that was going to unveil the game and it was going to be the close to Microsoft media keynote at E3. This was going to be followed up by Bungie doing their separate press event later on in the week on Wednesday to show off the new game.

Mr. Metcalf is renown for his Bungie contact, but later in the article he supposes that the new IP Bungie was going to announce was indeed a new Halo IP. It doesn’t make sense to digress like that considering the veracity of the trailer claim above. Regardless, it’s probably safe to assume that Bungie had some sort of footage planned for the event, and we’re still left to wonder why exactly it was pulled.

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