Rumortoid: Bahamut Lagoon remake in the works

Proceed with caution. I know how easy it is to get your hopes up. I’m still bitter for having to play a fan translation of this title.

The Squre Super Famicom we-wouldn’t-know-it-was-a-classic RPG Bahamut Lagoon never came to the US. This beautiful strategy game caused quite a stir in Japan, but this was back in a time before Square knew how to print money. Maybe they’ve come to their senses?

Siliconera points to a recent trademark for “Blood of Bahamut.” I know, it’s a stretch. This could just as easily be a new title. Square Enix usually keeps the original title for games we’ve seen before.

Damn. Now I’ve got my own hopes up. What do you think Blood of Bahamut is?

Dale North