Rumortoid: Audiosurf coming to XBLA

This could be the most exciting news all day as far as audiophile gamers are concerned, but don’t get tweaked just yet — what we have above is a snippet from GamesTM, which is a reliable print magazine, but still isn’t evidence of an official confirmation. Thanks to the matlockers over at, they discovered this gem embedded in an article in issue 69 about Audiosurf, in which it is mentioned that the same will soon come to Xbox Live Arcade.

It would make sense to have the game come to XBLA, not to mention it would meet a very warm reception, as its been a fan favorite on the Steam network since it’s release back in February. As soon as we hear more info (read: confirmation!) about this rumor, we’ll bring you a swift update, but for now let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best.

[Via power-glove’s blog — Thanks Andrew]

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