Rumortoid: Apple’s Application Store getting a premium division

Apple’s Application Store is a place blotted by bad indie games and silly prototype titles. Aside from the occasionally brilliant game, the majority of the stuff is junk. Anyone traversing the Store looking for a game has noticed the amount of clutter.

But this may soon end. According to shadowy “sources” speaking to ipodnn, Apple will create a new partition for the App Store that automatically sorts through the garbage. It doesn’t have a name yet – sources can never nail down the good facts – but it does have a design. Only corporate titles will be allowed in the new partition and every game will carry a price tag of $19.99.

The announcement of the new partition may happen at Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference this June. Then again, it might not. Considering this is a rumor.

It certainly seems feasible. Publishers like Electronic Arts assuredly want consumers to buy Spore before they take the plunge with a cheaper indie title like Spin. Yet, it seems that smaller titles like Spin are the reason anyone is talking about the iPhone/iPod platform to begin with.

Brad BradNicholson