Rumortoid: Another Sonic retro compilation headed to PS3/Xbox 360?

If you love your Xbox 360/PS3 but felt it was lacking one special ingredient, then Sega may just have the answer you’re looking for — yes, we could once again be receiving a long overdue Sonic the Hedgehog retro compilation. It must have been, what, a year or more since Sega’s last retro comp?

Surfacing from the murky depths of the oft-trawled retail listings, rumor fishermen have dredged up a potential Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection in the works for current-gen systems. Never mind the fact that you can already purchase Genesis-era Sonic games for nearly every system under the sun … there’s always money to buy them all over again. 

Still, one can’t help but find bitter irony in how eager Sega is to at once embrace its past for cheap bucks, then sh*t all over that selfsame past with its more recent Sonic offerings. I <3 me some Sega, but come on. Stop destroying our memories of the good old days, then offering a chance to have those days back for a price. That’s the kind of thing heroin dealers do.

Sort of.

[Thanks, Brian]

James Stephanie Sterling