Rumortoid: 250GB PS3 Slim coming in October

Back in mid-August Nick “I ride Ruins” Chester told us all of an impending 250GB model of the PS3 Slim that was uncovered thanks to an FCC filing. He then used his Nostradamus like skills to predict that a slew of retailer leaks, pricing speculations, and phony advertisements designed in Photoshop by sad people who think they’re clever would be coming. Lo, he spoke the truth. Book 1 of The Chester Prophecies has come true and a retailer has leaked the launch window of the 250GB Slim.

Eurogamer was told by a UK retailer that the upcoming model “is a definite for October.” This backs up two other tips they received on the matter from other retailers. No information on what the bundles will include for sure, though a bundle with Fifa 10 has been leaked and an Assassins Creed II bundle has been rumored. The source says that Sony is planning on revealing the bundle/bundles at TGS this year. Sony has, of course, declined to comment on the matter. It should also be noted that these are all European retailers. A Fifa bundle in the U.S. is pretty unlikely, though possible.

Anyone interested in waiting until October for this or are you all rushing out to get your Slims now?

Matthew Razak