Rumor: Super Mario Galaxy coming to the Wii in October?

Rumors suck. But, when Famitsu puts out a rumor, then usually we are forced to pay attention. Why? Because they’re usually right, whether we like it or not. The latest little tidbit to come out of this Japanese house is that the Wii’s Super Mario Galaxy is headed to Japanese stores in October. What does this mean for American Wii owners? Not sure.

We were promised this game before Christmas, but if the Japanese get it first, will we get it in time? You’d think Nintendo would love to counter the Halo 3 and Metal Gear Solid releases with their own megaton bomb, so it’s probably safe to say it will come out on schedule. That is unless Nintendo is still so cocky that they wouldn’t need a Mario Christmas — the Wii may just sell on hopes and dreams alone, still, by then.

[Via CVG

Robert Summa