Rumor: Star Ocean: First Departure may hit US PSPs this year

I’ve been all hot and bothered for the PSP remakes of the first two Star Ocean games ever since I got my hands on them in Japan last year. Both have been beautifully remade, with new artwork, cutscenes, and even playable characters. Japan saw the release of the first title, Star Ocean: First Departure, last year (opening movie above). And the sequel, Star Ocean: Second Evolution just hit Japanese PSPs a few weeks ago. And we’re still waiting for a release date for the first one.

While not official, Gamefly’s listed dates have done us well in the past. Siliconera tells us that a date of September 30th has been listed for the Star Ocean: First Departure. There’s no word on the second one yet, but we’ll remain hopeful for that one too.

The PSP has become quite the RPG machine, hasn’t it? Are you looking forward to this game? Or is your focus on Star Ocean 4

Dale North