Rumor: PSPgo set to have a relaunch?

Did Sony fail to make you want an ultra-portable, super-connected PSPgo during its first marketing run for the device? Rumor has it that they’ll be giving the “go” another go in the near future.

An unnamed source “close to Sony” is telling Gamervision that that a PSPgo “relaunch” is happening soon, accompanied by what the Web site describes as a “marketing blitz” for the handheld that could, but just doesn’t.

Speculation is all that’s left of this story, but we can’t help but wish that Crash Bandicoot would make his triumphant return alongside this alleged second push of the PSPgo. We have no real reason for this, other than our fancy for fur suits.

Sony Planning to have a PSPgo relaunch? [Gamervision] [image cred]

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