Rumor: NinjaBee compilation disc coming to 360 this fall

According to a listing on GameFly, a NinjaBee Critic’s Choice Collection for Xbox 360 could be on its way to stores this October. While it’s only speculation on our part, a package featuring NinjaBee’s Xbox LIVE Arcade titles — Outpost Kaloki, Band of Bugs, among others — seems likely. 

NinjaBee won’t comment on the title, likely caught off guard by GameFly’s listing of the title. Retailers and GameFly have historically outed unannounced titles; the history speaks for itself. Except for the fact that GameFly still seems to think Project H.A.M.M.E.R. is coming out for the Wii. (Really guys, it’s not.)

NinjaBee has delivered some solid XBLA titles, and it would be a shame to have them limited to download only. As far as we’re concerned, a retail collection of their games is a welcome addition to this fall’s gaming line-up.

[via Joystiq

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