Rumor: ‘NFS: SHIFT’ PS3 Slim 250GB bundle hitting Europe

Sticking to the tradition of not being unable to avoid leaks, it appears SCE is rolling out several 250 GB PS3 Slim bundles in Europe at some point this decade. The image in the header (via French Gamers) is the first we’ve seen of these bundles, which apparently, sport a different box color altogether.

In case you missed the massive car and logo, this bundle in particular contains a copy of Need for Speed: SHIFT, the latest NFS title to hit the market. We’re guessing this is something of a response to the European Forza 3 Xbox 360 bundle, which contains a 250 GB hard drive-equipped console as well.

While we enjoy this 2010 version of the console wars, we still think that a proper cage match is in order. That would settle things nicely.

[via Kotaku]

Brad BradNicholson