Rockstar releasing ‘Complete’ Grand Theft Auto IV

It seems that Rockstar is hopping on the bandwagon when it comes to repackaged releases containing expansion content. Folks at NeoGAF spotted a listing on for Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete, a retail disc release containing the original game plus Episodes from Liberty City. According to Amazon, the package will be available on October 26th for the reasonable price of $39.99.

I say “reasonable” not because I think we should be paying forty smackers for a two-year old game, but because Episodes from Liberty City is still retailing for $29.99, so asking ten more dollars for GTA IV sounds like a fair deal. Honestly, I could do without the main game, as I have found the expansion content to be superior in many ways to that core title. But I think I might be weird in that respect.

Anyway, it’s not a bad deal, particularly for folks who might only now be entering this console generation.

Grand Theft Auto IV Complete [Amazon via Kotaku]

Conrad Zimmerman