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Rocket League takes to The Game Awards to show off its new Halo-like arena


Introducing Starbase ARC

Every Rocket League match starts with a kickoff, and the car soccer game was one of the titles to kick off this year's Game Awards. The half hour-long pre-show segment was more full of announcements than you might expect, and developer Psyonix took this opportunity to reveal its next content update.

On December 7, Rocket League takes aerials to a new level by bringing the game to space. A new map called "Starbase ARC," which is a sort of futuristic industrial complex, will release for free. Psyonix calls Starbase ARC octogonal and semi-standard. Most impressively, each goal comes with a laser show.

Punctuating the update is the release of a new car called "Vulcan." If history serves as any indication, this will be priced at the nominal fee of a couple of bucks. The playground's free but the cooler tools will cost you.

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