River King: Wonderland trailer is retarded cute

I swear to God Japan has it made when it comes to the DS library. I was just running in circles and babbling about Ecoris yesterday, and then this video fell in my lap thanks to a redheaded tip goddess. It is gameplay from River King: Wonderland, a fishing sim title due out in December of this year in Japan.

So, what’s the object of the game? As in previous versions, you are on an quest to catch the elusive master fish, the River King. River King titles are designed byMatsuyama Igusa, the well known artist for the Harvest Moon series. The series has actually been around since the NES days, but it didn’t see American shores until the GBC version, then later hit PS2 as River King: A Wonderful Journey. If you’re a fan of the Harvest Moon series, you better get to some DS modding in time for this one to come out. I’ll practice my Wii fishing until then.

Colette Bennett