Rivals of Aether 2 coming in 2024, Dungeons of Aether launches this fall

rivals of aether 2 screenshot

Platform fighter to return with new 2.5D stylee

It was a double whammy of news from Team Aether this weekend as the studio not only announced an official release date for its incoming dungeon crawler Dungeons of Aether, but it even dropped word of an entirely new sequel to its Smash-like platform fighter Rivals of Aether, scheduled to launch in 2024.

From the team’s amusingly irreverent write-up, it appears that Rivals of Aether 2 will retain the typical hard-hitting, platform-bouncing, multiplayer chaos of the original release, but will be transitioning from a 2D to a 3D style, (or 2.5D, strictly speaking). The sequel news will no doubt comes as a delight to fans of the elemental-based slugfest.

Rivals 2 will see the return of mechanics such as Parries and Hitfalling, but will also shake up close encounters with the addition of Shields and Throws. The sequel is still in its very early stages, but you can check out all of the details, some early screenshots,  and sign up for a newsletter over on the official Rivals 2 website.

In addition to the Rivals 2 announcement, Team Aether announced that dungeon crawling adventure Dungeons of Aether will finally hit PC (via Steam) on October 25. The new game, set within the Rivals of Aether universe, will allow players to choose from one of four heroes before venturing into monster-filled labyrinths located below the steampunk town of Julesvale.

Story Mode is a roguelite adventure that will have the player battle beasties, bag gold and gear, and hone their skills, spells, and fighting abilities, progressing ever further into the subterranean caverns with each and every new attempt. For those looking for an even meatier challenge, then the Challenge Dungeon mode will provide with a single, procedurally generated to be conquered in a single run.

So whether you’re looking to explore worlds, interact with characters, and build your fortune, or whether you just want to fight it out against insurmountable odds, it sounds like Dungeons of Aether will have you covered. Ready your will and check it out for yourself when Dungeons of Aether drops on PC October 25.

Chris Moyse
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