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First Blog Ever

Hello everyone and thanks for viewing my blog. This is technically my first blog so forgive me if its a bit unorthodox. For starters, My name is Jared but you can call me Bravo(my gamertag). I'm 18 years old and I have been a gamer ever since I can remember. My first gaming system was the Sega Genesis; My parents gave me one for Christmas and I've had a controller in my hand since. I currently work as a delivery driver but one day I hope to be making some of the best games ever created, that is why I got enrolled in the Computer Simulation & Gaming program at Milwaukee Area Technical College.

At MATC I am learning what the game industry is all about, and how to make video games, more specifically programming and design. This is my second semester at the school but first year in the program. I just started the semester two weeks ago and I must say, I never, EVER thought that I would say I actually enjoy going to school..its amazing! I have a kick ass instructor that has his own game company and I'm very lucky to have him share his knowledge with my class. The way we learn is by doing what real companies do in the real world. On the first day my class split up into to groups, which will be rivaling against each other for I don't know how long, possibly the whole semester. We are going against each other, as two companies would in the industry; we even have our own company names, Zombie Corn and Obscure Fish. I belong to Obscure Fish, and I am glad to be working with them. The way we're starting off this semester is very promising for the future.

Well, seeing as its pretty late, I'll be heading off to bed now. I will be posting to this almost everyday if not everyday as it is required I do so for my courses. I don't mean to sound like I wouldn't blog if I didn't have to for now on; I've always wanted to blog, other than using Facebook, but now I have a reason to. Also through this, I will be able to learn from other gamers, what you like and dislike, and I hope to give others insight on what its like to be a student going into the gaming industry starting as...well, a noob. It took awhile to decide on the site I'd use, but after going through a few I knew this one was the right place to go. Thank you again for reading, I will continue to update you on my journey to become a game maker.

Sketches my friend drew up for our teams' logo:

We ended up voting on the first one.
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I'm a 23 year old game design student on my way to the gaming industry. My main focus is design, but I also program in java and C#. Animation isn't so far out of my range either, though I've never done it before I'm willing to sit down sometime and get a grasp on it.

I don't play many video games anymore, but when I do it's usually League of Legends or Gears of War.

Where I want to go or what I want to get out of gaming is have a job making them any way I can. Whether I'm working for a triple A company like EA or Epic or be an indie developer.
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