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Has anyone ever wondered that Nintendo’s home consoles come in pairs?


Has anyone ever wondered that Nintendo’s home consoles come in pairs? I mean, it seems like Nintendo’s consoles come in two’s. To clarify, I see the Nes and Super Nes as one pair, the N64 and Gamcube is another and the Wii and Wii U are going to be a pair. With the exception of the N64 and Gamecube it seems like Nintendo always make direct successor of the predecessor. It’s probably a coincidence, but maybe too obvious to be one.

Nes and Super Nes as a pair

The Nes started what is known as the age of modern gaming. During the 80’s and early 90’s it was the PS2 of its time. The Nes had a plethora of 3rd party support and it introduced almost every genre of gaming that is known today. The Super Nes took everything the Nes was and expanded upon it. Like the name states, it was super and it enhanced every feature that the Nes had. It had the same amount of 3rd party support, even though the library of games was not as big. The Super Nes was basically an enhance version of the Nes and that’s why I see these two as a pair.

N64 and Gamecube as a pair

The N64 introduced 3D gaming for Nintendo alone, not for gaming in general. It also introduced analog control movement for Nintendo, even though Playstation may have been the first. Though not as successful as its competitor Playstation, the N64 showed smoother textures in polygons and with games like Super Mario 64 set the bar on what true 3D gaming was at that time. The Gamecube though not a direct successor (well in name) was an enhancement of what the N64 was. Again, Nintendo introduced a concept to a new system and the successor of that system seems to inherit all of its predecessor’s features and bring it to a new level. I guess that’s why I wasn’t impressed with the Gamecube, because I believe Nintendo at the time stagnated just to keep up with the competition.

Wii and Wii U as a pair

Now which bring me to the Wii. There have been motion gaming before the Wii but, it was the first videogame console to make motion gaming as the forefront of the console. The Wii is probably the console mostly responsible for grabbing people who weren’t gamers before into gaming. With the success of the Wii but, not exclusively because of Wii, the gaming industry is becoming more of a mainstream form of entertainment. But maybe because of the Wii, gamers created an unspoken civil war between casual and hardcore gamers, which I’m not going to get into. With this problem arising Nintendo is trying to address the issues that hardcore gamers have. I don’t know much about Wii U at this point, but I think what Nintendo is trying to do is to keep the audience that they have attracted with the Wii(so called casual audience) at the same time they are trying call out to hardcore gamers and let them know that Nintendo can play with the big boys. Thus Wii U is the suppose solution for Nintendo. It is suppose to be an enhancement to the Wii in every way. The Wii U is suppose to be taking everything that makes the Wii what it is now and takes it to a new level.

As I said before I think it’s too obvious to be a coincidence that Nintendo produce a pair of consoles that share the same concept. Then again, it could be me, depending on how many people agrees with me. Just putting my thought out there, so what is anyone’s input on this?
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