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Cblogs of 11/23/11 and Striderisms


I can count the number of caps tonight on one hand. Not that I'm complaining for once, you lazy bastards. Life is getting brutal and I don't mean in a Tim Schafer kind of way, so I'll just fill the void of caps with extra Striderisms.

First let's touch on my time with SRK. Writing news is basically something I don't want to do right now for SRK. When you're competing instead of working with 24 other people, news is more about heartbreak than getting the news out. I don't know what iantothemax does for a living, but he obviously has too much free time on his hands. I can't compete with him in terms of volume. I have a job and other obligations to attend to.

So instead, I'm going to focus on editorials and original content like what we do here. I've already knocked back one opinion's piece and am going to work on video content since I was meaning to do that for my channel anyways.

Well, I'm under contract for SRK, so I can't share it. I'll be sure to tweet about it once it's up, so follow me, if you dare.

All in all, I wish they'd go about this process in a different way. Maybe if I got a position at a different place, it would've most likely done something different. But for a journalist, it's pretty much suck it up or get a different job, which gets awfully depressing sometimes.

So actual gaming: I'm still knee deep in Skyrim. I've already recorded some quests from the Dark Brotherhood and the Brotherhood quest line is definitely something fans of the Dark Brotherhood should do. It's not as creative as previous DB quest lines but it definitely feeds the fans with references of previous assassins, the old ways, and old equipment.

I've also quickly discovered my favorite shout with devastating results. I've already equipped the dual flurry perk, which increases dual wield swing speed by 20%. The Elemental Fury shout raises your weapon swing speed by 25% and it stacks. So basically, my Argonian assassin becomes a whirling dervish of death incarnate. It doesn't matter that he can't block because most things die before they can apply any real damage.

I also just finished watching Tiger & Bunny, as Manasteel can attest to. To put it broadly, it's X-men but mutants are called NEXT, and superheros are public figures who are sponsored and have brands plastered all over their suits. They compete for points on a TV show called HERO TV, busting real crimes in progress. For your information, arresting the criminal is 400 points and saving civilians is 100 each. It's on Hulu Plus if you wanna be legit about it.

I've also been watching Sengoku Basara on Netflix. I'm normally a subs instead of dubs person, but Sengoku Basara is so outrageous, it works, even in English.

The rest of these Striderisms will be Sengoku Basara stuff.

* - Knutaf exposes the hero of Dark Souls for the fraud he is. THAT'S YOU.

* - Bbain's colorful recount of his memories with Rayman. About as colorful as the best examples of gameplay Rayman has to offer

M - Kingsigy is thankful for coop. Praise be to Jesus, amen.

C - NCRAM misses a time where story was big. Has he played Fallout?


Best running joke ever.

~ StriderHoang

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