RetroforceGO!: Episode 6: RPG Geekout

Like lightning striking twice in the same spot, Destructoid is giving you twice the podcast pleasure today. Clocking in at length of just over an hour (sorry!), the RetrofroceGO! crew explodes with nerdiness over this weeks topic: RPG Geekout.

We don’t solve any pressing issues or debates this time, we just geek-out hard on our unnatural love for all things RPG.

Some highlights:

  • Chad sings! No, really. Prepared to be awed by gayness
  • Board games bore Topher
  • Rev gives us my favorite Rant yet. Somebody email him, already!
  • Poo ice cream. ‘Nuff said
  • My Chocobos, let me show you them
  • Topher loves FF 7, Nick plans to kill him for this

That’s right folks, we finally have ourselves some RSS action now. Check that out here, or go just go to the podcast page for the player.

[Or the old fashioned way]