RetroforceGO!: Episode 5: Mascot-a-thon

In today’s episode: Chad deals with addiction while Colette falls deeper into debt from gambling; meanwhile, Topher is diagnosed with a rare, but incurable, bucket disease; and Dyson is still missing after a violent run-in with the police. What will happen? Find out on the latest drama filled episode of Retroforce90210!

Or not.

Seriously, today’s show should be a great one. The Core Four brings the awesomesauce once again, laying down the skinny on this week’s DLC, followed by a roundtable discussion about the gaming plague of the nineties: Mascots. Mix contents until fluffy, add a dash of Rev Rant, then bake until golden brown. Now you’ve got yourself some RetroforceGO!

Here are some highlights:

  • World Sports Competition has crippled Dyson
  • Your dad likes wolves, especially the kind that need saving
  • Marcus Phoenix is a giant penis
  • We actually answer listener mail this time!
  • Colette has a secret, or should I say legend, in her pants


What’s it all mean? Find out by downloading here. And remember kids, avoid the Clap!

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