RetroforceGO! Episode 44: First-person shooters

Another Tuesday, another fantastic week in retro! This week, we discussed all our favorite FPS titles, from Doom all the way to Halo 3, with a long stop in the middle for Dyson to proclaim his love for Metroid: Prime. This episode may come as a surprise since we didn’t announce it, but our love for all things FPS was so great that we didn’t bother opening it up for questions. Soooo HIGHLIGHTS!

Dyson pays extra on a retail PS3 at Best Buy

Marathon Durandal gets 6/5 dolphins!

We’re having a yard sale! 2 outstanding XBLA games this week!

Colette records alone; the rest of us are on a plane 

We share our milkshakes! Everyone gets an equal amount!

Anthony tells us about his new kitten, Sparkles

Dyson drinks a 2-liter of Mountain Dew

High-polygon bump mapping and enemy AI

Closing theme by Lil’ Kim

The file is larger this week, not only because the show is 4 hours long, but also because there’s an added bonus. To celebrate the purchase of our new professional sound studio this week, we recorded the entire podcast live on video! Check us out on iTunes, subscribe to our RSS feed, or Download the show right here. We’ll be back next week with our special Cancun episode!

Topher Cantler