RetroforceGO! Episode 38: Phantasy Star

Hi everybody, are you doing well? Yes? That’s fantastic. We, on the other hand, have been having quite the week. From GDC, to Wondercon, to Chad deciding to “put babies” in certain female community members (and .tiff), it’s been quite exhausting overall. That’s why you may have noticed that this week’s RFGO! is being posted super late in the evening. The truth to the matter is we were just too tuckered out to get it done on Sunday evening.

We did, however, not want to let too much time pass before recording, and getting our loyal fans the retro goodness they deserve. So, like the Internet ninjas that we are, we recorded and edited tonight so that you all could hear about the wonder that is Phantasy Star asap. Now, I know I normally rock out the show highlights in every post, but I’m a little on tired side at the moment, so all your getting is one.


  • You are all freaking awesome

Enjoy the show, ladies and gentlemen. We did everything that we could to get it to you in a timely fashion, but if our tardiness ruined your Monday, sorry. I assure you that we did the best we could this week, and that you’ll all be happy when you hear the latest cast. Also, Pizza Rolls.