RetroforceGO! Episode 33: Konami, and the code that changed the ‘verse

Hoo-boy, it looks like it’s going to be another one of those weeks. Not only did I get in a fight with some uppity gorilla (whose ass we had to kick to get my f***ing arm back!), but I’m forced to drag my lazy, old, retro carcass into work on a holiday; and at NINE a.m., too. I swear, this whole working for a living because I like eating and paying rent and other things that help keep me alive nonsense, is getting old. Real old. But thankfully, getting old is something of value here at RFGO!, and I kinda think that’s one of the reasons you folks tune in every week. Or maybe it’s the free pancakes.


  • This podcast goes out to all the fine looking ladies
  • Goodwill is good, and there is a dead retro god beneath the store

  • “Throw-up on bread”
  • Run Atreyu, Run!!!!
  • The Week of Win is over 
  • M$ is fired!
  • Rev is in da’ club
  • We make a host contest, and you will determine the winner
  • Favorite Konami game? Too many to decide!
  • But Chad has made another top ten list 🙂
  • What the hell happened to Bayou Billy?
  • 2D siiiiiiiiiiiiiiide scroll!
  • I’m getting a tattoo, cereal
  • A wizard visits Colette
  • ‘effin Dr. Yang

Now that’s a lot of highlights, and a lot of highlights signifies an awesome show, does it not? I tend to think that all of our shows are awesome, but that’s not surprising since I’m completely biased. You’re more than welcome to take your own unbiased listen to this week’s product right over here, and then let us know what you think. Mr. Destructoid has provided a handy feedback device located below this post for you to share your opinions on the show (or if you still want to send us more haiku, we wouldn’t mind; they were awesome). Either way, enjoy your Monday and watch out for gorillas. 

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