RetroforceGO! Episode 29: Merry Christmas from RFGO!

Ah, the night before Christmas. Well, technically it’s the mid-afternoon before Christmas, but it will be nighttime not to mention Christmas soon enough. So while you’re opening presents and celebrating the season (or just boozing and watching Magnum P.I. reruns), please enjoy the holiday podcast offering from RFGO! Like presents under the tree, I assure you that there are a few surprises in store for the listener, so enjoy and have a Merry Christmas!


  • Arizona is a dead zone, dreams included
  • Warning: Watching Showgirls without Chad may lead to an un-fun experience
  • Colette has a one-piece holosuit in her closet? Awesome
  • Some lucky listeners will have either a Chad or Topher under their tree tomorrow
  • Secret Santa time is strangely devoid of game related presents
  • Chad has the best sweaters
  • I wish Bob Vila was my dad
  • “We also have Mogwais”
  • Note to me: Ramen=Japanese, but that doesn’t change Bill Gates eating habits
  • Note to Nick: Give Topher your damn Saturn already

Yeah, this week’s episode is more us related than game related, but we do mention a whole lot of good gaming memories (and a couple of bad ones, too). As always, check out the show over here and make sure to leave plenty of comments and well wishes to each other in the comment section. Meanwhile, I hope that each of you get everything that you want this season, regardless of your favorite holiday to celebrate. (Personally, I’m going to crack a 40 and watch Magnum P.I. while celebrating Festivus.)

p.s. Topher’s Christmas dolphins are awesome!

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