RetroforceGO!: Episode 2: Just like episode1!

Welcome once again to Destructoid’s very own retro podcast, guaranteed to be 100% Halo free! Colette, Chizzo, Topher, and I reprise our roles as the Core Four of RetroforceGO! to bring you the absolute nerdiest podcast on the site.

This week’s show is an overload in 2-D, and I swear, if we ever talk this much about 2-D vs. 3-D again — you’re allowed to kill me. Blame it on Odin Sphere.

Some highlights in no particular order:

  • We have a phone sex number?
  • I inadvertently refer to Metal Gear for the NES as Metal Gear Solid, three times.
  • We make fun of Topher’s bucket.
  • Chizzo bags on the 3-D Castlevanias.
  • Kid Chameleon is cooler than school!
  • Mad Tracks for XBLA just makes Topher mad, real mad.
  • Colette use the Konami Code to bend space and time (not really).

I hope these tidbits have whetted your appetite for the show, which, by the way, you can download here. (Mirror 2: here) So, enjoy, and thanks for listening. If you have any comment or feedback, you can reach us by electronic mail at: [email protected].

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