RetroforceGIVE! Mega Drive ends TONIGHT!

[Chad’s far, far away in the land of dolphins at the moment so I thought I’d give it a bump! -Niero]

This Sunday evening (3/29) the RetroforceGIVE! Mega Drive charity auction is officially over. If you want a chance to win one of the five fabulous retro videogame packages, you better put in a bid before it’s too late!

Right now all five auctions are going pretty strong, so thank you very, very much for that. Seriously, you all have been amazing with this cause since the beginning and I can’t thank you enough. Less than 3s all around!

For more info on what the charity auction is all about you can click here. And here are the links to all five of the auctions, currently up for bidding:

All of the proceeds go to Child’s Play (a non-profit that provides children’s hospitals with videogames), so you get an automatic karma (and XP) bonus of +1000 for taking part.

Place a bid for the kids!

Chad Concelmo