Resident Evil 5 development is ‘like wartime’

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Apparently the makers of Resident Evil 5 are butting heads over the development of this game.

“The team has been having quite a lot of arguments, but at the end of the day the team is working towards one goal – to make a great game,” said dev team member Masachika Kawata.

“[Director Takeuchi] is very hard working and he makes the team work very hard as well. He gets into big arguments with everyone; Resident Evil 5‘s development is like wartime, but he’s got incredible leadership.”

It seems that the team feels the absence of series creator Shinji Mikami, but they’re making do. 

“We have a lot of people among our team who worked on Resident Evil 4 with Mr. Mikami, and Mr. Takeuchi worked on Resident Evil (GameCube remake) and he’s a truly incredibly individual as well. We’re under a lot of pressure to live up to expectations, but we’ve done what we wanted to do.”

Look kids, the pressure is on. From what I’ve played, I love it. Don’t mess it up! I don’t care if all of the team comes out of the office with black eyes, make Resident Evil 5 as great as we expect it to be. 

I suppose that a team butting heads over quality is the best possible situation for us gamers. 

[Via CVG]

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