Resi 5 developers need mental healthcare, Capcom provides

Just how many people does it take to make a big-budget, top-tier videogame? If you’re Capcom, and if the game is Resident Evil 5, you’re going to need slightly more than just you and your dad. Four-hundred folks, in fact, have put their efforts into the upcoming race-hate simulator, and not all of them doing what you might expect.

Did you know that Capcom actually provided mental healthcare to its employees? For Resident Evil 5, the company certainly did. Looks like the game is so important, Capcom can’t allow any risk of its staff turning insane. That would definitely cause a delay or two. Here’s what Capcom had to say:

In addition to developing tools, we have also strengthened our game development structure. As more than 400 people including company employees and outside contractors are working on this particular title, we have reorganized the structure to assign appropriate human resources, manage development process and offer mental health care to staff in order to ensure smooth operation. Our belief while developing Resident Evil 5 was that no detail was too small when it came to graphics.

Only the best for Capcom’s baby. Hopefully all this love and attention means that we’ll have an action horror title for 2009 that doesn’t completely suck — not that I feel there’s much chance of this one turning bad.

James Stephanie Sterling