Reserve Divinity II, get some fancy pants

cdv Software is jumping on the pre-order band wagon, announcing GameStop-exclusive Xbox 360 incentives for its upcoming action role-playing game, Divinity II: Ego Draconis

Pre-ordering now through the game’s January 5 launch will get you a special in-game Blood Echelon armor and a weapon. The armor is described as “sturdy as granite and shaped to intimidate,” apparently setting “new standards in the art of war.” The weapon, a Claymore, apparently cleaves armor like it was mere flesh. It will probably also cleave the flesh after it cleaves the armor, but that’s entirely speculation on my part. 

Divinity II is scheduled to hit Xbox 360 and PC next year; only Xbox 360 owners can get the fancy pants, though.

Full disclosure: Along with preview code of Divinity II, cdv sent us thing dragon knife… letter opener… thing. It’s pretty sexy, although I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. I considered giving it away in a contest, but then I thought twice about sending a knife to you guys in the mail. Sounds like it could end in disaster. Pictures of this thing after the jump and in the gallery.

Nick Chester