Remedy is sure Alan Wake will hit in Spring 2010

Remedy Entertainment believes the latest release date set for Alan Wake will stick. Speaking with BrightFalls, Remedy development director Markus Maki confirmed that the oft-delayed game is on schedule to actually hit in Spring 2010:  “I don’t think any developer plans on working on a single game for this long,” Maki told the Web site, “but for the last 1-1.5 years we’ve hit our own milestone targets very well and thus were confident on announcing the Spring 2010 release.”

In a later question, Maki said Remedy was “undecided” about a demo for the game, which is fine by me. Demos take time. I want to play Alan Wake this century. I’ve had a copy of the title reserved since 2005, so I’ll be excited when GameStop calls and tells me it’s in the store.

Also, I hope the dude notices when I originally pre-ordered it.

Alan Wake in 2010 … confirmed? Let’s hope the window does hold true. I’ve been much too excited about this one for far, far too long. 

[via VideoGamer]

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