Release your inner princess with Princess Debut

If you’re anything like me, you grew up with the dream of becoming a princess. My own experience with the dream has been dampened by age. Instead of becoming a beautiful, graceful, and empathetic person of stature, I grew a beard and started writing about videogames. While I will certainly argue that being games journalist is basically like being a princess, Natsume has something different in mind judging from their new trailer for Princess Debut.

The game is an original IP from Natsumi that puts players in a fantasy world amidst frantic preparations for “the big ball.” From there, the game puts players through the motions of discovering and practicing dance moves in an attempt to woo princes with their mad skills. Once a prince has successfully been captured, the game changes to a rhythm system where players will have to match steps with their prince. Natsume has stated that the game is all motion-captured by professional dancers, so it’s sure not to disappoint on that front.

The game will hit the Nintendo DS this fall with a bunch of modes, endings, music and outfits.

Brad BradNicholson