Reject the Mother quest guide in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Reject the Mother Quest Guide

One of several quests that uses the Action Wheel

There are several quests throughout Diablo 4 that have you do an action on the Action Wheel in order to complete it. We don’t use that feature often, so it’s always easy to forget about its existence when you do a quest like this. Even though you may find yourself stuck on this quest right now, I assure you it’s one of the easiest quests in the game.

We’ve put together a quick guide for the Reject the Mother quest in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Reject the Mother Side Quest Location
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Where to get the Reject the Mother quest

While most quests in Diablo 4 are located around the various towns or quest hubs, the Reject the Mother side quest is a bit out of the way and can therefore be tricky to find.

First off, you must have progressed to a certain point in the main story campaign before you can access this quest. Near the start of Act III you will receive a main story quest called Whittling Sanity. Once you’ve completed that quest, you will unlock the northern part of Tusmaa Rift.

Once you’ve unlocked that area, go to the Ked Bardu waypoint in the Kotama Grasslands area of the Dry Steppes. From here, head east into the Tusmaa Rift. You should eventually see a blue checkpoint on your minimap indicating you can pick up the side quest. If you need help finding the area, check out our map above and follow the line from Ked Bardu to the point you receive the quest.

There’s no NPC to give you this quest. Instead, you will find a Torn Note that is trampled into the dirt. Interact with the Torn Note to start the Reject the Mother side quest.

Diablo 4 Reject the Mother No Emote
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How to do the Reject the Mother side quest in Diablo 4

Once you have the quest, check your mini-map and you should see a blue circle just to the north near the optional side dungeon. Wind your way around the winding cliffs until you reach the area near the entrance to the dungeon. Here you should see a shrine to Lilith.

In order to complete this quest you must perform the “No” emote at this shrine. You know, essentially rejecting the mother.

To execute the “No” emote you must open your Action Wheel and choose the emote. It will not be on your Action Wheel by default, so you will have to click the Customize option and find the emote on the list. Once you have, click the to assign it to one of your wheels.

Once you’ve performed the emote a Heretic’s Cache will rise up from the ground to your right. Interact with the cache to receive some items and gold. You will also receive some experience and renown for following this guide and completing the Reject the Mother side quest in Diablo 4.

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